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Sketches of Darjeeling Album – Bipul Chettri

Sketches of Darjeeling Album – Bipul Chettri
Sketches of Darjeeling Album – Bipul Chettri


Sketches of Darjeeling

Bipul Chettri
Released July 25, 2014
6 Songs, 21 min 6 sec

Sketches of Darjeeling is the debut studio album by singer, songwriter, composer Bipul Chettri. The album was released on July 25, 2014, with 6 songs.

All songs of the album are written, composed, arranged, and produced by Bipul Chettri except Ram Sailee, composed by Bipul’s late father, Nirendra Mohan Chettri. Recording, mixing and mastering was done by Anindo Bose at Plug n’ Play Studios, New Delhi.

The album is a collection of songs inspired by Bipul’s life around the hills of Kalimpong and Darjeeling. It explores the different elements and essence of life and culture of those areas with a blend of Nepali folk and contemporary western musical elements.

AlbumSketches of Darjeeling
ArtistBipul Chettri
Release DateJuly 25, 2014
No. of Songs6 Songs
Length21 min 6 sec
GenreNepali Folk
written & Composed byBipul Chettri & Nirendra Mohan Chettri
Arranged & Produced byBipul Chettri
Executive ProducerSonam Tashi
Recorded and mixed byAnindo Bose, Plug ‘N’ Play Studios, New Delhi.
Remastered for vinyl byAdam Boose, Cauliflower Audio, USA.
Cover & Gatefold Design byManohar Rai.
Distributed byWild Yak Records
LabelBipul Chettri

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