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Moana Movie Watch Online, Cast, Reviews, Songs, Release Date

Moana Movie Watch Online, Cast, Reviews, Songs, Release Date
Moana Movie

Moana Movie (2016):

Moana, also known as Vaiana or Oceania is an American 3D computer-animated musical adventure comedy film that was released in 2016.

Moana is Disney’s 56th animated motion picture which is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, and co-directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, while the film is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

The film introduces Auliʻi Cravalho as Moana and features the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House, Temuera Morrison, Jemaine Clement, Nicole Scherzinger, and Alan Tudyk. The film features songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa’i, and Mark Mancina, and an orchestral score also composed by Mancina.

Quick Information:

Based onMāui
Release DateNovember 23, 2016
Running time107 minutes
CountriesUnited States
Music byMark Mancina, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa’i (songs)
StarringAuliʻi Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House, Temuera Morrison, Jemaine Clement, Nicole Scherzinger & Alan Tudyk
Directed byRon Clements & John Musker
Screenplay byJared Bush
Story byRon Clements, John Musker, Chris Williams, Don Hall, Pamela Ribon, Aaron Kandell & Jordan Kandell
Produced byOsnat Shurer
Production CompaniesWalt Disney Pictures & Walt Disney Animation Studios
Distributed byWalt Disney Studios & Motion Pictures
Budget$150–175 million
Box office$645 million

Moana Teaser:

Moana Trailer:

Moana Story:

Moana Waialiki is a sea voyaging enthusiast and the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators, who is chosen by the ocean to return a mystical pounamu stone, the heart of the life-giving goddess Te Fiti which was stolen by the demigod Maui.

When a blight strikes Moana’s island, a result of the loss of Te Fiti’s heart, Moana sets out to find Maui and have him return the heart before her island is completely consumed by darkness. The film is based on stories from Polynesian mythology.

Moana Cast and Characters:

  • Auli’i Cravalho as Moana
  • Dwayne Johnson as Maui
  • Rachel House as Gramma Tala
  • Temuera Morrison as Chief Tui
  • Jemaine Clement as Tamatoa
  • Nicole Scherzinger as Sina
  • Alan Tudyk as Heihei
  • Oscar Kightley as Fisherman
  • Troy Polamalu as Villager
  • Puanani Cravalho as Villager
  • Louise Bush as Toddler Moana
  • Chris Jackson as Chief Tui

Moana Release Date:

Moana is Disney’s 56th animated motion picture was released on November 23, 2016. The film’s world premiere was held at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles on November 14, 2016.

On October 20, 2014, Walt Disney Pictures announced that it would be releasing the film in late 2016.

On January 27, 2017, a sing-along version of Moana was released in more than 2,000 theaters in the United States, featuring on-screen lyrics.

Moana Tracklist:

  1. Tulou Tagaloa by Olivia Foa’i
  2. An Innocent Warrior by Vai Mahina, Sulata Foai-Amiatu & Matthew Ineleo
  3. Where You Are by Christopher Jackson, Rachel House, Nicole Scherzinger, Auli’i Cravalho & Louise Bush
  4. How Far I’ll Go by Auli’i Cravalho
  5. We Know the Way by Opetaia Foa’i & Lin-Manuel Miranda
  6. How Far I’ll Go (Reprise) by Auli’i Cravalho
  7. You’re Welcome by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  8. Shiny by Jemaine Clement
  9. Logo Te Pate by Olivia Foa’i, Opetaia Foa’i & Talaga Steve Sale
  10. I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors) by Rachel House & Auli’i Cravalho
  11. Know Who You Are by Auli’i Cravalho, Vai Mahina, Olivia Foa’i, Opetaia Foa’i & Matthew Ineleo
  12. We Know the Way (Finale) by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa’i
  13. How Far I’ll Go by Alessia Cara
  14. You’re Welcome by Jordan Fisher (Ft. Lin-Manuel Miranda)
  15. Prologue by Mark Mancina
  16. He Was You by Mark Mancina
  17. Village Crazy Lady by Mark Mancina
  18. Cavern by Mark Mancina
  19. The Ocean Chose You by Mark Mancina
  20. The Hook by Mark Mancina
  21. Tala’s Deathbed by Mark Mancina
  22. Battle of Wills by Mark Mancina
  23. Kakamora by Mark Mancina
  24. Wayfinding by Mark Mancina
  25. Climbing by Mark Mancina
  26. Tamatoa’s Lair by Mark Mancina
  27. Great Escape by Mark Mancina
  28. If I Were the Ocean by Mark Mancina
  29. Te Ka Attacks by Mark Mancina & Opetaia Foa’i
  30. Maui Leaves by Mark Mancina
  31. Heartache by Mark Mancina
  32. Tala Returns by Mark Mancina
  33. Sails to Te Fiti by Mark Mancina & Opetaia Foa’i
  34. Shiny Heart by Mark Mancina
  35. Te Fiti Restored by Mark Mancina & Opetaia Foa’i
  36. Hand of a God by Mark Mancina
  37. Voyager Tagaloa by Mark Mancina & Opetaia Foa’i
  38. Toe Feiloa’i by Mark Mancina
  39. Navigating Home by Mark Mancina
  40. The Return to Voyaging by Mark Mancina & Opetaia Foa’i
  41. Seb’rapa Jauh Ku Melangkah by Maudy Ayunda
  42. Unstoppable (Outtake) by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Lin-Manuel Miranda)
  43. More (Outtake) by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Lin-Manuel Miranda & Marcy Harriell)
  44. More (Reprise – Outtake) by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Marcy Harriell)
  45. Warrior Face (Outtake) by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Lin-Manuel Miranda)
  46. Shiny (Demo) by Walt Disney Records (Ft. Lin-Manuel Miranda)

Moana Movie Box office:

American 3D computer-animated musical adventure comedy film Moana worldwide total grossed collection is $690.8 million, $248.7 million in the U.S. and Canada, and $442.1 million in other countries. Although Disney has not disclosed the film’s production budget, most of its animated films cost around $150 million.

Moana movie becoming the fourth consecutive Walt Disney Animation Studios film to reach both milestones after Frozen (2013), Big Hero 6 (2014), and Zootopia (2016).

Moana Movie FAQ:

Is Moana 2 coming out?

There have been no announcements regarding the release of Moana 2. However, several reports claim that Moana 2 will arrive by the end of November 2021 or early 2022.

Is Moana black or Hawaiian?

The fictional movie takes place 3,000 years ago in the islands of Polynesia, an area that includes Hawaii, Tonga, and Tahiti. The star is 16-year-old Moana, voiced by Hawaiian actress Auli’i Cravalho, who goes on an ocean voyage with Maui, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Why is Moana called Vaiana?

Disney retitled the film in different countries, with most European countries using Vaiana. This change was reflected in the movie too, as Moana’s name was changed to Vaiana due to copyright issues.

What does Moana mean in Hawaiian?

According to the source, Moana means “large body of water” in Hawaiian and Maori (a Polynesian language). Moana’s name is also an expression of her deep relationship with the ocean.

What does Te Fiti mean in Hawaiian?

Te Fiti does not have a direct translation to the English language. The Hawaiian alphabet does not contain the letters T or F, so the name Te Fiti has no exact meaning. Others suggest that it is of African origin, and means “giver of life.”

Is Moana Maui’s daughter?

Maui is not Moana’s father. Her father is Cheif Tui, the leader of the village of Motunui.

Will Moana and Maui be together?

No, they shouldn’t end up together because Maui is an ageless demigod and Moana is a teenager who will eventually grow old and pass away so there isn’t much there for Maui except getting hurt and losing his love.

Is Maui a real demigod?

Maui is a demi-god who was known to be an ancient chief according to mythology. He is considered one of the more important demigods in Hawaiian lore.

What does Maui’s back tattoo mean?

Maui’s tattoos boast about his exploits, including this one in which he is shown slowing down the sun with his fish hook. The legend says that the sun was slowed from setting so that Maui’s people could get more work accomplished.

Who is Moana in real life?

Auliʻi Cravalho is Moana in real life. She is an American actress and singer who made her acting debut as the titular character in the 2016 Disney 3D computer-animated musical feature film Moana.

Is Disney changing Moana’s name to Viana?

Walt Disney has renamed its animated film Moana in Italy, calling it Oceania. Spain and other European countries, the film has the title Vaiana, or “water cave” due to copyright issues.

What does Kai mean in Hawaiian?

Kai means “sea.”

Is Moana a girl or boy?

The name Moana is a girl’s name of Maori, Polynesian origin meaning “deep ocean, sea”.

Is Moana dead?

No, Moana is not dead. She is the lead character of the film.

What happened to Moana’s mom?

Sina briefly appears later on during Moana’s nightmare, where she watches her parents die as the curse consumes the entirety of the island. Sina is last seen after Moana returns home from her successful mission.

Does Moana need Maui?

Moana is determined to complete her goal to save her island, though she can’t do so without Maui’s help.

Is Moana based on a true story?

Moana is from the fictional island Motunui some 3,000 years ago, the story and culture of Moana is based on the very real heritage and history of Polynesian islands such as Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, and Tahiti. In fact, once you start looking for ties to Polynesian culture in Moana.

Is Moana available on Netflix?

Moana is not available on Netflix.

Where I can watch Moana?

Moana movie is available on Disney+ wherever you’re connected to the internet. Disney’s new direct-to-consumer streaming service is now available in the U.S. and Canada and will eventually be rolling out worldwide.

Is Moana 2 Cancelled?

Recently, Disney confirmed Moana 2, followed by the huge success of Moana 1. The renewal for the animated has been officially announced.

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