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Top 10 Best Free Facebook Photo and Video Downloader Apps in 2023

Top 10 Best Free Facebook Photo and Video Downloader Apps in 2022

Only one of the best free Facebook photo and video downloader apps in 2023 can be your best Facebook photo and video downloader app, which can help you easily download videos and photos from Facebook to your computer. However, there are many Facebook photo and video downloader apps out there today; which one should you choose? Here are the top 10 best free Facebook photo and video downloader apps in 2023.

1. FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook

FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook

FastVid: Video Downloader for Facebook is our favorite choice because it gives you full control over how you download your Facebook videos, photos, albums and other media. The app also supports batch downloads, so it doesn’t waste bandwidth. With a 4.2-star rating based on 2,213,338 user on Google Play Store, FastVid is clearly doing something right. FastVid — Best Option for Your Android Phone or Tablet.

New: Now you can save videos from Facebook to your gallery using the video link/URL, just copy/paste the video link/URL and start downloading the video without login, no login required!

How to use:

Method 1 (Download videos from Facebook using the built-in browser):

  1. Click on Browse Facebook.
  2. Login and browse your wall.
  3. Click the video you want to download.
  4. Click on Download to save to your device.

Method 2 (Download videos from Facebook using the video link/URL without login):

  1. Copy video link/URL.
  2. Paste inside app.
  3. Click on install.

Method 3 (Download videos from Facebook by sharing the video to our app):

  1. Share the video from the Facebook app.
  2. Choose “Video Downloader for Facebook”


2. HD Video Downloader for Facebook

HD Video Downloader

HD Video Downloader for Facebook is a cross-platform video downloader that allows you to grab HD videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and more. It has support for videos with 1080p and 720p resolutions. Once it’s installed on your system, you can choose from several resolution presets or enter your custom resolution settings. You can preview downloaded files before actually downloading them to make sure they’re of good quality. This app also comes with an integrated media player that lets you watch downloaded videos as well as browse through them. The player will display image metadata for your files if it’s available. One other feature we liked about HD Video Downloader is its built-in download scheduler so you can schedule downloads for times when bandwidth is at its most plentiful.


3. GetThemAll – Download Manager & Browser Downloader

GetThemAll - Download Manager & Browser Downloader

The only drawback to downloading your photos from a public Facebook album is that you have to do it one at a time. A free photo downloader app, like FBPhotoGrabber, lets you save them all at once. The app works on Android as well as Windows XP/Vista/7 computers, so whether you’re uploading photos with your phone or getting nostalgic with old-school technology, GetThemAll – Download Manager & Browser Downloader makes it easy to download everything. With features like video integration and batch-downloading capabilities, GetThemAll – Download Manager & Browser Downloader is definitely worth a try. Plus it’s free!


4. Video Downloader for Facebook

Video downloader for Facebook

The best free Facebook video downloader app that you can use to download any video from Facebook is Video Downloader for Facebook. The tool is very easy to use, having a simple interface with a downloading progress bar. All you need to do is copy a link of a shared video on your timeline or someone else’s, paste it into Videos Downloader, and then choose an output folder as well as an option to convert videos. If you want, you can set up a scheduler for automatic downloading of new videos or connect your Dropbox account and have them transferred there automatically. There are no advertisements or irritating features so all you see is pure functionality that does exactly what it’s supposed to do – help users download videos from Facebook.

Download videos from Facebook with build-in browser:
1. Open video downloader for Facebook
2. Login in your fb account and browse videos and facebook stories you like
3. Click to play the video
4. Done! Our fb story downloader will download videos and story automatically.

Download videos from Facebook by copying links:
1. Find FB video and Facebook story you want to save
2. Copy link and open our video downloader for Facebook
3. Done! Our fb video downloader will detect and download videos automatically.


5. All Video Downloader

All Video Downloader

All video downloader is one of my favorite apps to use for downloading videos from Facebook. It has a 4-star rating with over 239k reviews on the Google play store alone, which means it is quite popular. What makes it stand out from other similar applications is that it offers support for more than 1000 websites including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram (to name a few). Although All Video Downloader doesn’t have an official Facebook video downloader tool built-in yet, you can simply click download next to any of your favorite Facebook videos to get them downloaded instantly into your computer or mobile device. You can then watch them later offline whenever you want to! You can also search youtube videos by entering a keyword into its search bar.


6. Smart Keepvid – iTube

Smart Keepvid - iTube

Smart Keepvid – iTube is one of the best free Facebook video downloader apps for android users. With Smart Keepvid, you can download your favourite Facebook videos on your device. It allows you to select any part of a video you want to download. You can use it to download videos from any social media website like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and others. The best thing about Smart Keepvid is that it does not require root access for its functioning so anyone can use it without any problem. Besides all these things, Smart Keepvid does not contain ads so that makes it one of the best free Facebook video downloader apps at present time.


7. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is one of those few download managers that has gained a great deal of popularity because of its ease of use and reliability. The application works great for downloading both audio and video files from various social networking sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, SoundCloud, etc. You can even download files from online storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive using Advanced Download Manager. The app allows you to save downloaded files on your PC’s hard drive or any other external storage devices. In addition to these features, Advanced Download Manager lets you schedule downloads as well as pause or resume ongoing downloads whenever necessary.


8. Video downloader for Facebook

Video downloader for Facebook

If you’re looking for a free downloader app that lets you save any photo or video from Facebook, then
Video downloader for Facebook is one of your best options. Facebook video downloader is a free app that allows you to download videos and stories directly into your devices so that you can open them every time without the internet. What makes Share Crop special is that it does all these things without having to log into an account for any of them. The interface is really easy to use as well; just enter a search term into its search bar and hit go. It will automatically pull up whatever your query was from multiple sites and give you a list of photos or videos to choose from.

How to use Facebook video downloader app?

How to download with URL:
1. Open video downloader.
2. Copy from Facebook video link.
3. Paste video URL here.
4. Click “Download” button to download.
Done your video will be downloaded.

Method 2:
Open Video from Facebook through downloader app.
Click on video and tap download video.
Downloaded video save to your gallery automatically.


9. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is one of our favorite free apps that allows you to download your Facebook photos music and videos with fast speed. It’s a very user-friendly app that makes it easy to do what you want with ease. 4K Video Downloader currently has a 3+-star rating on Google Play with over 50 thousand downloads.

How to Use This All Video Downloader New App.
– Choose which video you want to download.
– Just copy link or share it with app.
– Auto detect videos, and tap the download button.
– done!


10. Facebook Video Downloader Online

Yes, it’s 2023 and Facebook video downloads are still a thing. With new features being added to Facebook every day, it’s only going to get more difficult to get your hands on that content. But thankfully there are some simple ways to download videos from Facebook – if you know where to look! To save yourself time and hassle, here are ten of our favorite online tools for downloading your favorite social media videos.

11. FVD Free Video Downloader

FVD - Free Video Downloader

FVD is one of the best free Facebook photo and video downloader apps available right now. It’s slick, powerful, and easy to use. You can pull up FVD with a couple clicks, navigate to your profile or a friend’s profile to pull down photos, then choose what you want (download them all or just select one) and where you want it downloaded on your computer. The interface is fantastic—easy, intuitive, quick—and FVD is fast too; it’ll have everything downloaded in no time. This app does not store anything on its servers either so you don’t have to worry about ads or pop-ups. Use FVD for all your free FB photo/video downloads! Recommended!



Social media was once only for kids, but it has since grown up, to become a huge part of how we live our lives. If you’re looking to get a little extra life out of your social media interactions, save all those pictures and videos so that you can share them whenever and wherever you like! With these top 10 best free Facebook photo and video downloader apps in 2023…you’ll be on your way to easier social sharing. Now what are you waiting for? Go forth! And don’t forget your selfie stick…hey look, I got mine at Best Buy. Pics or it didn’t happen!

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