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Om Bheem Bush


Om Bheem Bush Movie Poster
Om Bheem Bush Movie Trailer

Om Bheem Bush Movie Details:

Country India
Language Telugu
Release dateMarch 22, 2024
Running timeTBA
CastSree Vishnu
Rahul Ramakrishna
Directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti
Written bySree Harsha Konuganti
Produced bySunil Balusu
Jagadish Talasila (executive producer)
Cinematography by Raj Thota
Edited by Vijay Vardhan
Music bySunny M.R.
Production CompanyUV Creations
V Celluloid
Distributor UV Creations

Om Bheem Bush Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Sree Vishnu
  • Priyadarshi Pulikonda
  • Rahul Ramakrishna
  • Srikanth Iyengar
  • Racha Ravi
  • Surya Srinivas


Follows three scientists who come to a village to find a treasure, but things don’t turn easy for them because there is black magic in that village.

About Om Bheem Bush Movie:

Om Bheem Bush is an upcoming Telugu comedy film written and directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti. It stars Sree Vishnu, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Priyadarshi.

The film will be theatrically released on March 22, 2024.


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