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HollyBlood Movie (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer, Budget, Collection


HollyBlood Movie Storyline (Plot):

Javi is a perfectly ordinary teenager who doesn’t suspect that his crush on Sara might be reciprocated. Through a string of misunderstandings, Sara comes to believe that Javi is in possession of supernatural powers.

HollyBlood Movie Trailer:

HollyBlood Movie Information:

Release dateJuly 22, 2022 (Spain)
Óscar Casas
Isa Montalbán
Jordi Sánchez
Marina Campos Albiol
Jorge Silvestre
Directed byJesús Font
Written byJosé Pérez Quintero
Produced by
Víctor Ballester
Beatriz Bodegas
Miguel González Familiar
Eduardo Jiménez Abad
Natalia Maestro
Rafael Moles
Cinematography byJavier Salmones
Edited byCristina Laguna
Music byVanessa Garde
Production Companies
Canica Films, La
Quexito Films
Distributed byFilmax

HollyBlood Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Óscar Casas as Javi
  • Isa Montalbán as Sara
  • Jordi Sánchez as Fernando
  • Marina Campos Albiol
  • Tyler Shamy as Quini (English version)(voice)
  • Jorge Silvestre as Hombre Lobo
  • Amparo Fernández as Sor Learza
  • Carlos Suárez as Diego
  • Candela Pradas
  • Lara Boedo as Carmen
  • Carmela Lloret as Segureta Mujer
  • Piero Mendez as Antonio
  • Ferran Gadea as Padre Ángel
  • Jany Collado as Ronald
  • Ana Revert as Holly
  • Mateo Medina as Manu
  • Manuel Canchal as Quini
  • Lucas Ponce as Borja

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