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Foreigners Singing Nepali Songs | 12 Best Nepali Song Covers By Foreign Singers

Foreigners Singing Nepali Songs | 11 Best Nepali Song Covers By Foreign Singers

Normally, we all sing a song even if it’s not good, but we usually humming mostly in the bathroom or room or kitchen or outside. Everyone has their own favourite genre of music, that is based on their surrounding environment, their culture and so on. Some people like Folk, some are Classical Music, some are Rock, some are Punk Rock, some are Blues, some are Jazz, some are crazy about Metal and some are Rap and so on.

Also, we listen to songs in almost every language like English, Hindi, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and so on. Because music is something that you don’t need to know any languages to understand but, when we talk about singing, language is very important.

It’s a huge challenge to sing in a foreign language. There are so many difficulties such as the rhythm of singing, pronunciation of lyrics and so on. We all know the Nepali language is quite hard to learn and pronounce but despite this, all non-Nepali singers have done a great job.

So, thank you for all foreigners singers for giving their best in the attempt of singing Nepali songs, we’ve prepared a list of Top 12 Foreigners Singing Nepali Songs.

List of Top 12 Foreigners Singing Nepali Songs

1. Peter McDonough:

Timile Ta Hoina – Perer McDonough

Peter McDonough is a citizen of the USA and a very popular non-Nepali singer. He has sung so many Nepalese songs and all song is available on his official youtube channel “Peter McDonough.”

He has a good relationship with Nepalis from a long time ago, even he married with Nepali girl Anita Maharjan. McDonough has not produced any Nepali song but he covers so many songs such as Timile Ta Hoina – Bachhu Kailash, Sambodhan1974 AD, Basanta -JPT Rockerz, Phutki Jaane JovanSajjan Raj Vaidya, Hamro Nepal MaNeetesh Jung Kunwar, Asarai Mahinama – Chujan Dukpa and so on.

2. Arko Mukhaerjee:

Timro Nai Maya – Arko Mukhaerjee

Arko Mukhaerjee is an Indian singer. He has sung so many Nepali songs Timro Nai Maya – Jhalak Man Gandharba, Resham Firiri – Sunder Shrestha, and Dwarika Lal Joshi, Bala Jouban – Jhalak Man Gandharba, Bhaisi Ladyo – Daisy Baraili, and so on.

Timro Nai Maya is one of the most popular cover songs which is more than 3.9 million people watch on youtube.

3. Ladi:

Nischal – Ladi

Nischal song performed by Ladi, originally by Albatross. Ladi is originally from America and he has sung so many other Nepali songs also, he composed a Nepali song called Haraayo feat. Sajina Maharjan.

4. Aoi Sano:

Resham Firiri – Aoi Sano

Aoi Sano singing Nepali folk song Resham Firiri. She is a Japanese singer.

5. Alexander Slocombe:

Resham Firiri – Alexander Slocombe

Alexander Slocombe singing a Nepali Folk song Resham Firiri. He is a street busker & musician from the UK. He has sung so many other Nepali songs like Resham Firiri, Bistarai Bistarai, Syndicate, Parelima, and so on.

6. Hanna Geschewski:

Mero Priyatam – Hanna Geschewski

Hanna Geschewski singing the hit song called Mero Priyatam originally by Sukmit Gurung.

She is originally from German. She sung so many other Nepali song Mero Priyatam, Mai Runchu and so on.

7. Korean Guy:

Mero Euta Sathi Chha – Korean Guy

Korean guy singing beautiful Nepali song Mero Euta Sathi Chha. The song is originally sung by Sugam Pokharel.

8. Dr. Anna Stirr:

Chamma Chamma Nachi Deu – Dr. Anna Stirr

Dr. Anna Stirr singing Nepali lok-dohori song Chamma Chamma Nachi Deu. Anna is originally from America. She sung so many Nepali song which is available on youtube.

9. Korean Kids:

Phool Ko Aankha Ma – Korean Kids

Phool Ko Aankha Ma is Nepali song beautifully sung by Korean Kids. The song is originally sung by Ani Choying Drolma.

10. Chinese Girl:

Yo Jindagani – Chinese Girl

Chinese Girl singing Nepali song Yo Jindagani originally by popular band Nepathya.

11. American Guy:

Saili – American Guy

American guy covers the Nepali song called Saili which is one of the most popular songs in Nepal. The song is originally sung by Hemanta Rana.

12. Japanese Girl:

Sunkai Bhau Chha – Japanese Girl

Sunkai Bhau Chha is the Nepali song sung by a Japanese girl. The song is originally sung by Kunti Moktan.

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So here is the list of Top 12 Foreigners Singing Nepali Songs. This really amazing stuff I ever saw. The way of singing is fantastic, it’s really hard to speak Nepali language but they have done best.

There are so many videos on the internet and we take some amazing stuff here. You can watch on youtube and other internet platforms. Please share with your friends and comment on your favorite one.


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