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Resham Firiri Sung by Foreigners (Foreigner Singing Nepali Song)

Resham Firiri Sung by Foreigners (Foreigner Singing Nepali Song)

Nepal, a country located in South Asia, is renowned for its diverse cultures, rich traditions, and exquisite music. One such iconic Nepali folk song that has captivated hearts for generations is Resham Firiri, a tune that has become an anthem of sorts for the Nepali people. The song’s unique rhythm and melody have attracted people from all around the world, resulting in various foreign artists attempting to cover it in their own way.

The internet is filled with numerous videos of foreigners singing Resham Firiri in different languages and styles. While some have tried to remain faithful to the original composition, others have infused their creativity to produce unique versions of the song. Regardless of the approach, foreign covers of Resham Firiri have amassed a considerable following and have become viral sensations on social media.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the history and significance of Resham Firiri and the impact of foreigners singing this iconic Nepali song. We will explore some of the most popular foreign covers of Resham Firiri and analyze how these adaptations have contributed to the global reach and popularity of Nepali folk music.

Background of Resham Firiri:

Resham Firiri Original Song

Resham Firiri (Nepali: रेशम फिरिरि, English: Silk Firiri) is one of the most popular traditional Nepali song (Lok Geet). The song Resham Firiri is written and composed by Buddhi Pariyar and originally sung by Sunder Shrestha and Dwarika Lal Joshi.

The song was recorded in Nepalese radio Radio Nepal in 1969 and it became a super hit song in Nepalese local radios. And now people can listen to the song from street musicians who play the sarangi as well as clubs, restaurant, villages and so on.

Musical Instruments:

  • Sarangi (Violin-like Nepali musical instrument)
  • Madal (Nepali traditional drum)
  • Basuri (Nepali flute)

Here is the Resham Firiri Lyrics with English Translation also check out Resham Firiri Chords.

Foreigner Singing Nepali Song Resham Firiri

1. Arko Mukherjee

Arko Mukherjee is an Indian singer. He has sung so many Nepali songs and Resham Firiri is one of them. The song is performed at Orange Festival Dambuk.

2. Aoi Sano

Aoi Sano singing traditional Nepali song Resham Firiri. Aoi Sano is a Japanese singer. The interesting thing is she work on charity and also speaks Nepali lightly.

3. Alexander Slocomb

Another amzing street Busker and musician Alexander Slocombe sings Resham Firiri. He is originally from the UK and now he is traveling to Nepal. He has sung so many Nepali song which is available on youtube.

4. Ladi

Ladi singing traditional Nepali song Resham Firiri. He is originally from an America. He has sung so many other Nepali song. You can find his stuff on youtube.

5. Korean People

Korean people singing Resham Firiri song. I don’t know if they understand the meaning of the song but looking at their smiling faces it doesn’t look like they are Korean. They have sung very well.

6. Unknown Foreigner

There is no source, where she comes from but her way of singing is very good. She is trying to sing with a Nepali singer while looking at the copy, which is very enjoyable to watch.

7. American People

Foreigners Singing Resham Firiri with Nepali people. They are originally from America.

8. Korean Girls

Korean girls are singing the traditional song Resham Firiri.

9. American Man

American Street singer singing Resham Firiri. This video will catch everyone’s attention you can’t skip without seen this video.

10. Korean Girls

With the mash-up of Korean and Nepali languages, the song Resham Feriri is sung by Korean girls.

11. Korean Band

Resham Firiri (Korean version) performed by a South Korean artist. The song is sung on dual languages Koran and Nepali and also the shot in both countries.


So these are the list of Top 10 Foreigner Singing Nepali Song Resham Firiri. I know there are so many videos about “Foreigners Singing Nepali Songs” and I selected the top 10 out of them. If you want to watch other related videos then you can search on Google or youtube.

Also, here is a bonus video for you. Resham Firiri cover by Nepali Artist.

Resham Firiri by Kutumba:

Album: Kutumba


  • Raju Maharjan – Skin Drums
  • Pavit Maharjan – Madal
  • Suresh Shrestha – Bamboo Flute
  • Rashil Palanchoke – Sarangi
  • Ruben Shrestha – Bamboo Flute
  • Arun Manandhar – Tungna
  • Shambhu Manandhar – Effects

Hill Boys/U n Us Band/Gurkha Band:

Nepalese Folk Song/Music: Hill Boys/U n Us Band/Gurkha Band

Resham Firiri: Traditional Nepali Folk Instrumental Music:

Resham Firiri: Traditional Nepali Folk Instrumental Music | Folk Music presented by Instrumental from the Himalayas.


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