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5 Essential Guitar Strumming Pattern

Strumming pattern” this word is very familiar if you’re a beginner guitar player. When I was a beginner guitar player I have no idea about strumming pattern, I try to play so many times but I couldn’t play guitar. Then I thought the strumming pattern is so difficult because I failed so many times. The reason is I never learn deeply and properly. After that I make a pattern learn from others and make perfect.

Today I’m gone tech you 5 Essential Strumming Pattern for Guitar. If you’re a beginner guitar learner you don’t know about strumming pattern don’t worry this cool and easy strumming pattern helps you to improve your skills to play guitar.
This 5 Essential Guitar Strumming Pattern is very progressive, I mean if you learn the first one strumming pattern, the second strumming pattern buildup first, the third strumming pattern buildup second and so on. So, don’t skip any strumming pattern practice step by step.
If you know any guitar chords then it is better for learning strumming pattern you can play E, A, C or any chords which makes comfortable for you or if you don’t know any guitar chords don’t worry you can grab a whole string and focus on strumming pattern.

Note: if you are a beginner guitar player then pick one open chord or if you don’t know any chord then grab whole string and focus only on strumming pattern not chord.

All the strumming pattern are eighth note strumming pattern (1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &) if you don’t know eighth note strumming pattern don’t worry I’ll also teach you Down and Up strumming pattern. Remember “D” means down stroke, “U” means up stroke, “M” means mute stroke and “-” means no stroke. 
Before this exercise, you need the guitar, paper, pencil, and an eraser.

First Strumming Pattern

This First Strumming Pattern is very simple but very important. First Strumming Pattern is all downstroke. You can tell them all down stroke pattern by the little curve ups side down on “U” symbol. This strumming pattern is easy and it helps you develop your timing. 

Another thing it is such simple so you can play really soft or very loud. Remember don’t lock your elbow, relax them and play easy. Using this strumming pattern is worm up to your hand and helps to focuses on your timing

Second Strumming Pattern

5 Essential Strumming Pattern for Guitar | Beginner Guitar Lesson | Neplych
Second Strumming Pattern is exact same rhythm as strumming number one but there are some changes Second Strumming Pattern also have up stroke. As you can see the graphic “&” there is an arrow sign on top that means up stroke symbol. So the way this workout counting down stroke and up stroke, numbers are (1, 2, 3, 4) down stroke and all “&” up strokes. 

This is the incredibly useful strumming pattern and basis of other strumming patterns. Let me tell you the entire beginner guitar player made a mistake on up stroke they are hit all the string but I suggest you hit only down 3 or 4 strings. So, practice many times on loop or metronome.

Third Strumming Pattern

Third Strumming Pattern is very similar to the Second Strumming Pattern but I’m gone introducing new stylistic elements called a Mute strum. Before we get into the strumming pattern, I’m gone a tell you how to do mute strum? When you hit the down stroke, right before your palm mute the whole string and then pick passes through the string.
Second Strumming Pattern is all numbers are down stroke and all & are up stroke but here is 1 and 3 is down stroke and 2 and 4 is mute stroke and all & is a same up stroke. And you can look at the graphic for the strumming patterns you can see little “X” sign that is mute stroke symbol. There is quite hard to hit mute stroke for a beginner so do practice slowly, take time and do the full pattern.

Fourth Strumming Pattern

D – D U D – D U
Strumming number four we have gone a rest some of the counts. All of the above strumming pattern we are digging ups and downs but now we are leaving some of the counts. This pattern is similar to the Second Strumming Pattern but here we leave some count. 

As you can see & in the graph there is nothing on top of some &. When you play Second Strumming Pattern you hit the down stroke on 1 and up stroke on &, but this time there is no strum. So you hit the down and you still have gone a come up but you’re not gone a dig into the string in this time. So work on this, stay relax, make sure constantly motion with your strumming.

Five Strumming Pattern

D U D U – U D U
Strumming number five is a little bit more complex than other strumming patterns. But techniques are the same but there are some changes. Take look this pattern above you notice that strum 3 is nothing on top. That’s gone be different feel because this time we’re leaving out down stroke. 

In this strumming pattern hit down stroke on 1, up stroke on &, again down stroke on 2, up stroke on &, on 3 we still have gone a down but we’re not gone a hit into the string in this time, and up stroke on &, so on.

This is the 5 Essential Strumming pattern for a beginner guitar player. I hope it helps a lot. If you’re a beginner guitar learner then hold pick tightly enough it does not fly your hand right. After that, you can hold loosely.  I suggest you choose a thin pick for a strum. If you not comfortable with pick you can use a finger as well. Do practice constantly step by step. Don’t skip any strumming pattern if you think you do well then you can add other variation. Always use metronome or loop or drum bit.

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