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Cinta Subuh Movie (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer, Budget, Collection

Cinta Subuh Movie (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer, Budget, Collection

Cinta Subuh Movie Storyline (Plot):

Cinta Subuh is an Indonesian romantic drama film directed by Indra Gunawan and written by Ali Farighi. The film produced by Falcon Pictures is adapted from the novel of the same name by Ali Farighi. It stars Indro Warkop, Azzura Pinkan, Amandha Mutiara, Rano Karno, Cut Mini Theo, Cut Meyriska, and Yoriko Angeline.

Angga, a student who rarely prays on time, falls in love with Ratih, who is intelligent and religious. Angga’s uniqueness, sincerity, cheerfulness, and demeanor make Ratih want to open her heart. Before meeting Angga, Ratih hopes to have a partner who can maintain his eyesight, be a good character, be intelligent, and maintain his obligations as a religious person. Ratih’s hopes are gathered in Arya Satria Negara, who also has feelings for Ratih.

The difference with Angga, Arya is obedient to every religious value and rule. Because of that, Arya does not approach Ratih carelessly. According to Arya, he could only be with Ratih through marriage. Fajr prayer on time was the only request Ratih makes to Angga that is never carried out properly, a request that eventually makes Ratih decide to end their relationship.

Cinta Subuh Movie Trailer:

Cinta Subuh Movie Information:

MovieCinta Subuh
Country of originIndonesia
Filming locationsJakarta, Indonesia
Release dateMay 19, 2022 (Indonesia)
StarringIndro Warkop
Azzura Pinkan
Amandha Mutiara
Rano Karno
Cut Mini Theo
Cut Meyriska
Yoriko Angeline
Directed byIndra Gunawan
Written byAli Farighi
Based ona novel by Alii Farighi
Produced byFrederica
Music byAndhika Triyadi
Cinematography byEdi Michael Santoso
Editing bySentot Sahid
Production companyFalcon Pictures

Cinta Subuh Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Dinda Hauw as Ratih
  • Roger Danuarta as Arya
  • Rey Mbayang as Angga
  • Dimas Seto as Sapta / Ratih’s Brother
  • Dini Aminarti as Septi / Sapta’s Wife
  • Syakir Daulay as Dodi
  • Adiba Khanza as Aghnia
  • Kemal Palevi as Ghani
  • Tengku Syaira Anataya as Harsi
  • Maudy Effrosina as Tari
  • Indro Warkop as Rofiq / Angga’s Father
  • Azzura Pinkan as Yuni
  • Amandha Mutiara as Yuli
  • Rano Karno as Aghnia’s Father
  • Cut Mini Theo as Ummi Habibah
  • Cut Meyriska as Ralyna Taslimah
  • Yoriko Angeline as Mira
  • Indra Jegel as Coffee shop waiter
  • Tj Ruth as Ibu Kantin

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