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Yo Junima Lyrics and Chords - Raju Lama (Mongolian Heart). Here is the Yo Junima Lyrics and Chords by Raju Lama (Mongolian Heart) - Chords: C/F/Am/G, Strumming pattern: D-DUDU. yo junima lyrics, yo junima lyrics and chords, yo junima guitar chords, yo junima guitar lesson, raju lama yo junima lyrics, yo junima karaoke, yo junima free mp3 download, yo junima free song download, yo junima timilai paye lyrics yo junima timlai paye lyrics lyrics of yo junima chords of yo junima raju lama songs lyrics raju lama songs collection raju lama free song download
Song: Yo Junima Lyrics and Chords
Vocal: Raju Lama
Tuning: (E, A, D, G, B, E) Standard tuning
Key: C major
Chords: C, F, Am, G
Strumming pattern: D-DUDU (D-down, U-up)



….C                   Am
Yo junima timlai paye
…….F               G  C
Arko junima timilai pau
…..C                     Am
Prathana chha ishwor lai
…………..F             G    C
Hardam mero hardam mero
….C                   Am
Yo junima timlai paye
…….F               G  C
Arko junima timilai pau
………C               F              
Tomro ek muskanma
…….G             C
Sara khusi pauchu
…….C                            F
Mriga nayeni tyo timra ti nayanma
…….G                C
Sara sansar pauchu
…….F              G            C
Tesaile saatha deu sada timi
……C                    F
Timi nai mero jindagi
……G                  C
Timi nai mero dristi
……C                   F
Timi nai mero sansar
……G                 C
Timi nai bachne adhar
…….F              G            C
Tesaile saatha deu sada timi
[The End]
Background Information

Yo Junima is one of the most popular songs by evergreen band Mongolian Heart. The song is from Mongolian Heart Vol-5 album and the song is sung by Raju Lama. So here is the Yo Junima Lyrics and Chords. Enjoy!



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