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Yakthungma Kanchhi Lyrics – Ankit Babu Adhikari and Sunita Thegim

Song Information:
Song: Yakthungma Kanchhi ( याक्थुङ्मा कान्छी )
Lyrics: Nabin Chauhan
Composition: Ankit Babu Adhikari
Vocals: Ankit Babu Adhikari and Sunita Thegim
Child singers: Sanjhana Sori, Nishu Sharma, Aaron Shrestha and Adhishree Kaspal
Cast: Milan Khatri and Priya Limbu
Child actors: Aaisha BK and Anup BK
Concept/ Direction: Bibek Rasailee
Released Date: 21 October 2020
Language: Nepali
Music Label: ARTMANDU

Yakthungma Kanchhi Lyrics

अरे हाओ याक्थुङ्मा कान्छी
डोको र बोकि
के खोज्छेस खोल्सीमा ?
हेरेर हेरेर
त्यो चिम्सो आँखा
परे म बल्छिमा
कान्छी परे म बल्छीमा

अरे हाओ पिनिबा कान्छा
के भन्छ भन्छ
किन पो थेत्तरो
सुगुरको चारो
खोजी पो सकेँ
काम कुरो केजक्तुरो
कान्छा काम कुरो केजक्तुरो

धान नाच्न सिकेँ
तोङ्बा नि तानेँ
खाएँ मैले किनामा
बीस चिट्ठी हालेँ
फसेन एउटै
म भएर पिनिबा
कान्छी म भएर पिनिबा

जिन्दगी मेरो
चारो र मर्चा
तेरो त पुजापाठ
थापेको बैना
खेलाँचि हैना
खोज कान्छा लामो नाक
सुनिस! खोज कान्छा लामो नाक

फर्काइदे बैना
हेर मनको ऐना
किन पो डराको
मै पिनिबा भएनी
तै याक्थुङ्मा भएनी
मान्छेलाई मन पराको
कान्छी मान्छेलाई मन पराको

मायाले होला
आकाश नै भइस
भागेर कहाँ जाउँ
एउटा घर बनोस
एउटा गुँड बनोस
गौँथली बस्ने ठाउँ
कान्छा गौँथली बस्ने ठाउँ

Yakthungma Kanchhi Lyrics in English

Hey Limbu babe! (Yakthungma kanchhi)
What are you looking to fill your doko (bamboo basket) with?
I have been bait trapped in your beautiful chinky eyes!

Hey Brahmin lad! (Piniba Kanchha)
I don’t get what you’re saying; what is all this fuss about?
Done collecting fodder for the pigs,
No more work for today!

I have learnt your ethnic dance moves (Dhaan).
Even started drinking (tongba) …
…and eating Kinima (A Limbu dish) in your love!
I carved my feelings for you in several white papers …
… but you turned them all down!
Is it only because I am not one of you?

My life is stuck in little engagements …
While yours is all about worshipping the Gods.
I have received baina (advance) to get married with a Limbu boy.
You better look for someone with a long nose as yours!

Return whatever you took in advance for marriage.
Gaze into the mirror of your own heart.
Why are you so afraid to be yourself?
Let our love transcend the petty ethnic identities.
Let our love be between the two pure souls.

Your love has melted me for good, you feel like my own sky.
Now there is no place for me to run away.
Let’s get together like Barn Swallows (Gauthali) …
and build a nest to live happily ever after!

Music Video of Yakthungma Kanchhi:

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