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NJK 2018 Album – Neetesh Jung Kunwar

NJK 2018 Album Neetesh Jung Kunwar Tracklist, Lyrics, Chords

NJK 2018 is the first studio album released by Neetesh Jung Kunwar. It was released in 2018. In this album, you will get a different taste of music. He has filled every song with different words and music, so this album will be loved by every music lover.

The album has 7 songs and made all the songs available on youtube, iTunes, and Spotify. All song is written and composed by Neetesh Jung Kunwar. Four songs have an official music video, Flirty Maya, Saath Sadhaiko is directed by Anup Sapkota, Sinduli Gadhi directed by Sisan Baniya, and Hamro Nepal Ma directed by Chetan Raj Karki.

Apart from this the second song Sinduli Gadhi is recreated by him. The song “Sinduligadhi Ghumera Herda” is originally from Late Krishna Bikram Thapa.

NJK 2018 Album Songs:

  1. Hallantey Lyrics
  2. Sindhuli Gadhi Lyrics
  3. Pari (Love Story Part 1) Lyrics, Chords
  4. Pidit (Love Story Part 2) Lyrics
  5. Flirty Maya Lyrics, Chords
  6. Saath Sadhaiko Lyrics
  7. Hamro Nepal Ma Lyrics, Chords

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