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Golden Mask TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer

Golden Mask TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer
Golden Mask TV Series Poster

Golden Mask TV Series Storyline (Plot):

Golden Mask (Korean: 황금 가면; Hanja: 黃金 假面; RR: Hwanggeum Gamyeon) is a South Korean television series directed by Eo Soo-sun and starring Cha Ye-ryun, Na Young-hee and Lee Hwi-hyang. It is about a tragedy that occurs for three women, caused by greed and desire.

The drama tells the story of finding the answer to life in a mad fight between three women due to a tragedy caused by false desires and greed.

Quick Information:

TV SeriesGolden Mask
Hangul황금 가면
Hanja黃金 假面
Revised RomanizationHwanggeum Gamyeon
CountrySouth Korea
No. of episodes100
Running time35 minutes
Original releaseMay 23, 2022
Created byKBS Drama Division
Directed byEo Soo-sun
Written byKim Min-joo
StarringCha Ye-ryun
Na Young-hee
Lee Hwi-hyang
Lee Joong-moon
Lee Hyun-jin
Yeon Min-ji
Choi Wan-jung
Production companyIWill Media
Original networkKBS2

Golden Mask TV Series Trailer:

Golden Mask TV Series Cast and Character:

  • Cha Ye-ryun as Yoo Soo-Yeon: Grew up with ordinary parents, she falls in love with a man from a chaebol family and marries him. Her life seems to mirror that of Cinderella and she is envied by others, but her life isn’t easy due to mistreatment from her in-laws.
  • Na Young-hee as Cha Hwa-Young: She is full of greed and desire, and tries to keep her upper-class life.
  • Lee Hwi-hyang as Go Mi-Sook: She is a private moneylender and she owns a franchise restaurant chain. She is a good person.
  • Lee Joong-moon as Hong Jin-woo
  • Lee Hyun-jin as Kang Dong-ha
  • Yeon Min-ji as Seo Yoo-ra
  • Choi Wan-jung
  • Sunwoo Eun-sook as Kim Hye-kyung: Yoo Su-yeon’s mother
  • Gong Da-im as Hong Jin-ah: An aristocratic who secretly has a crush on Kang Dong-ha, She is also Cha Hwa-yeong’s daughter.
  • Lee Joo-eun as Noh Young-ji: The cousin of the Yoo Su-yeon, After a divorce from a violent husband, Lives with her aunt, Kim Hye Kyung.
  • Hwang Dong-joo as Ko Dae-cheol: Restaurant manager, But he has a remarkable history as a special forces soldier.

Golden Mask Season 1 All Episodes:

SeasonEpisodesRelease-End Date
1100May 23, 2022 – present

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Golden Mask TV Series FAQ:

How many episodes are in Golden Mask?

There are 100 episodes in Golden Mask TV series.


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