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Chaina Maile Timro Lyrics – Karma Band

Song Information:
Song: Chaina Maile Timro
Artist: Karma Band
Album: Very Best of Karma
Language: Nepali
Music Label: Karma Band

Chaina Maile Timro Lyrics

Chaina maile timro chitta dukhayeko
Chaina maile timilai chot puryayeko
Lagcha bhane hera malai maaf garidyeu
Malai maaf gardeu

Kina bhujchau aru sanga
Sabai kura bhanekai thiye
Anjaan ma kehi bhool bhaye
Maafi maile magekai thiye
Feri ke kura le timro man dukhyo
(Bhandai bhaninau) x2

Kina tadha huna khojhchau
Kasaiko karle hoki
Kina bolda pani boldinau
Kasaiko darle hoki
Natra ke kurale timro man feryo
(Thahai bhayena) x2

Chaina maile timro biswas todheko
Chaina maile timilai parai samjheko
Lagcha bhane hera malai maaf garidyeu
(Malai maaf garideu) x3

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