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Song: Basanta Lyrics and Chords

Artist: Jpt Rockerz
Standard tuning (E, A, D, G, B, E)
Capo on 2nd Bar
Chords: Csus, Cadd9, Em7, D, G
Strumming pattern: Verse: D UDUD UDUDUD

                               Chorus: D DDUUD DUDUD (D-down, U-up)

[Intro Chords]
(|(Csus/Cadd9) X2|
 |(Cadd9/Em7) X2|) X2
          Csus     Cadd9
Timro Ooth lai choyera niskida
Csus  Cadd9             Em7 Csus Em7
Harek  jhuto rangeen sachoo bho
Em7 Csus Em7
           Csus     Cadd9
Timilai angaale yesto lagyo ki
Csus  Cadd   Em7 Csus Em7
Mero sansaar timi hau
Em7 Csus Em7
         Csus       Cadd9
Yadi arko janma hunchha Bhane
Csus         Cadd9    Em7 Csus Em7
Dohoryaera feri timi sangai bitos
Em7, Csus, Em7
       Csus     Cadd9
Muskaanle sajaula timlai
Csus Cadd9            Em7 Csus Em7
Pirati bhaaka gungunaudai
Em7 Csus Em7
Cadd9           D     Em7       
Banda aakha kaa sapani pani
Cadd9           D    G
Timrai aakriti kori dincha
Cadd9          D   Em7      
Badli rahane yo mausam pani
Cadd9                  D
Timi chhau saath taa


Basanta Fulchha

[The End]



Background Information

Basant is one of the favorites songs for Nepali music lover. There are lots of cover songs in youtube and other social media platform. This song belongs to JPT Rockerz. This song is published on 19 September 2010 on official youtube channel “jptrockerz”.


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