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The Seniors Season 1 Web Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer

The Seniors TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer

The Seniors Web Series Storyline (Plot):

The Seniors is a Filipino youth comedy friendship drama web series directed by Shaira Advincula-antonio and produced by a renowned duo, writer-directors Antoinette Jadaone, and Dan Villegas.

It stars Julia Barretto, Ella Cruz, Awra Briguela, Andrea Babierra, Mccoy De Leon, Gab Lagman, Andre Yllana, Ana Abad Santos, Sheenly Gener, Jess Mendoza, and Gene Padilla.

Julia Barretto, Ella Cruz, Awra Briguela, and Andrea Babierra as they play four teens trying to make it through senior high while facing love and life problems.

Quick Information:

Web SeriesThe Seniors
LanguageFilipino, Tagalog
Release date20 March 2022
Running time29-41 min
No. of episodes8
StarringJulia Barretto,
Ella Cruz,
Awra Briguela,
Andrea Babierra
Directed byShaira Advincula-antonio
Written byAntoinette Jadaone
Shaira Advincula
Fatrick Tabada
Produced byAntoinette Jadaone,
Dan Villegas
Cinematography byKara Moreno
Editing byRenard Torres
Benjamin Gonzales Tolentino
Music byEmerzon Texon
Production companyViva Filma

The Seniors Web Series Trailer:

The Seniors Web Series Cast and Character:

  • Julia Barretto as Diana
  • Ella Cruz as Jennifer
  • Awra Briguela as Fifi
  • Andrea Babierra as Nicole
  • Ana Abad Santos as Elaine
  • Gene Padilla as Dante
  • Sheenly Gener as Jemma
  • Jess Mendoza as Sir Dax
  • Gab Lagman as Anton
  • Andre Yllana as Jeff
  • Phi Palmos as Narrator
  • Jomari Angeles as Tony
  • Afi Africa as Coach Mel
  • Joshua Cabiladas as Principal
  • Angie Castrence as Maritess
  • Reynald Raissel Santos as Emman
  • Carla Zarcal as Manang Lisa
  • Beth Coronel as Mrs. Cabral
  • Jericho Andrada as Cleo
  • Gio Senora as Dardar
  • Gemma Masas as Nicole’s Mother
  • Francis Joseph Grey as Anton’s Friend
  • Jesry Abrera as Anton’s Friend
  • Antonette Gacutan as Anton’s Friend
  • Marvie Pingol as Anton’s Friend
  • Yeshia Laursen Mondoy as Anton’s New Girlfriend
  • Danielle Samantha Samooc as Sophie
  • McCoy De Leon

The Seniors Season 1 All Episodes:

SeasonEpisodesRelease-End Date
1820 March 2022 – 7 May 2022

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The Seniors Season 1 Episode 1: STARS NG PACAQUE

Jennifer, Fifi, and Nicole aka The Certifieds, Pacaque Rural High School’s loud and feeling star trio, are ready for senior high. But a smart and pretty transferee from Manila named Diana will endanger their popularity, beauty and even a spot in their coveted star section.

The Seniors Season 1 Episode 2: CHAKA VS CHIKANA

Diana is in, Fifi is out. Out of the star section. But he will not go down without a fight. Diana instantly becomes The Certifieds’ enemy no. 1. She is more than ready to fight back but what if her secret gets in the hands of a desperate Fifi?

The Seniors Season 1 Episode 3: BABANGON AKO AT KO-KROMPALIN KITA

Jennifer and Nicole slowly get along with Diana in the absence of Fifi in the star section. Desperate to get her spot back in the star section and The Certifieds, Fifi threatens and pesters Diana. But a shocking revelation will change everything.

The Seniors Season 1 Episode 4: PANTY NA MAY BURDA

It’s positive. Diana is pregnant, and Fifi has a change of heart. These two enemies are now besties and Fifi’s former besties are now her enemies. Amidst the foursome’s petty war of words, Diana discovers a scandalous secret involving Jennifer.

The Seniors Season 1 Episode 5: AWIT, MGA BEH

Jennifer learns about her mom’s affair with their class adviser. Hurt and betrayed, she runs away from home. Nicole falls for her boyfriend’s coaxing and finally lets him pop her cherry. Will it be like what she has always imagined?

The Seniors Season 1 Episode 6: GHOST NA JUTS

Nicole gets ghosted by her boyfriend after their night together. Jennifer still can’t forgive her mother. Soon-to-be mother Diana faces more problems. Amidst all the chaos, The Certifieds and Diana finally come together to teach someone a lesson.

The Seniors Season 1 Episode 7: PRAYER REVEAL

Fifi gets heartbroken while Nicole finds new love. Jennifer finds forgiveness in her heart and returns to her mother. Diana’s baby daddy also returns to make amends. Will Diana accept him back in her life?

The Seniors Season 1 Episode 8: THE SENIORS

Learning from and overcoming their respective problems, Diana, Fifi, Nicole and Jennifer are now stronger, bolder, and better persons… and the best of friends. Ready to take on the adulting life as Pacaque’s fiercest foursome, The Certifieds 2.0.

The Seniors TV Series FAQ:

Where can I watch The Seniors all episodes?

The Seniors is available on the Filipino video streaming platform VIVAMAX.

Is there a season 2 of The Seniors?

No, The Seniors only have season 1.

How many episodes are in The Seniors?

The Seniors season 1 has 8 episodes.

How many seasons does The Seniors have?

The Seniors has 1 season right now.


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