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The King of Pigs Web Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer

The King of Pigs TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer
The King of Pigs Web Series Poster

The King of Pigs Web Series (2022):

The King of Pigs (Korean: 돼지의 왕; RR: Dwaejiui Wang) is a South Korean web series directed by Kim Dae-jin and starring Kim Dong-wook, Kim Sung-kyu, and Chae Jung-an.

The series depicts a thriller drama of those who brought out memories of violence due to a mysterious serial murder that began with a message from a friend 20 years ago.

The King of Pigs Web Series Trailer:

Quick Information:

Web SeriesThe King of Pigs
Also known asDwaejiui Wang
Hangul돼지의 왕
CountrySouth Korea
No. of episodes12
Running time40 minutes
Original releaseMarch 18, 2022 – April 22, 2022
Directed byKim Dae-jin
Written byTak Jae-young
Based onThe King of Pigs
by Yeon Sang-ho
Developed byTving (Production Plan)
Produced byJang Jung-do
Kim Kyung-kyu
StarringKim Dong-wook
Kim Sung-kyu
Chae Jung-an
Music byJeon Se-jin (Movie Closer)
Production companiesStudio Dragon
Hidden Sequence
Original networkTVING

The King of Pigs Web Series Cast and Character:

  • Kim Dong-wook as Hwang Kyung-min, who lives without forgetting the memories of school violence 20 years ago.
    • Lee Chan-yu as young Hwang Kyung-min
  • Kim Sung-kyu as Jung Jong-seok, a detective who tracks messages from a friend 20 years ago.
  • Chae Jung-an as Kang Jin-ah, a charismatic detective who is a strong-willed principle dist and is obsessed with cases.
  • Choi Hyun-jin as Kim Cheol, a classmate who had guts to fight the bullies.
  • Han Soo-yeon as Park Min-joo, Kyung-min’s wife.
  • Lee Ji-ha as Kyung-min’s mother.
  • Hwang Man-ik as Park Seong-jin.
  • Jung Eui-jae as Jin Hae-soo, the youngest detective on the powerful team that investigates a mysterious serial murder case.
  • Oh Min-suk as Kang Min
  • Ji Chan as Cho Pil-doo, Jong-seok’s colleague.
  • Park Jin as Doo Man-jae, is a police detective who helps Jung Suk uncover the case.
  • Kim Min-sik as Kim Min-seok, the youngest member of the Seodong Police Station’s first strong team.
  • Yang So-min as Kim Hyeon-jeong, an acquaintance of Hwang Kyung-min’s wife and the director of neuropsychiatry.
  • Lee Tae-gum as Seo Dong-jin, Gwangsudae’s team leader.
  • Kim Min-seok as Choi Seong-gyu, a group of students who brutally commit school violence against Hwang Kyung-min.
  • Bae Yu-ram as Park Chan-young
  • Choi Kwang-je as Ahn Jung-hee

The King of Pigs Season 1 All Episodes:

SeasonEpisodesRelease-End Date

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The King of Pigs Web Series FAQ:

How many episodes are in The King of Pigs Web Series?

There are 12 episodes in The King of Pigs web series.

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