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The Edge Band (Nepal) – Songs, Albums, Music Videos, Lyrics, Chords, Live Events

The Edge Band Songs and Album Collection

The Edge Band is one of the most renowned rock bands in Nepal. The Edge Band was founded in the year 1998 in Pokhara and officially entered in the Nepali music industry in the year 2000.

And the current band members are Jeewan Gurung on vocal, Bishnu Gurung on lead guitar, Sandeep BK on bass, Albin Pariyar on rhythm guitar, and Ganesh Rai on drums.

The melodious voice and amazing music have successes to collect cheers from national and international millions of fans and well-wishers.

So here we have The Edge Band Songs Collection and The Edge Band Album Collection.

The Edge Band Songs and Album Collection

Album “Mero Ashu” – 2000

  1. Mero Ashu
  2. Pagal Nabhana
  3. Jeewan Mero

Album “Vibes” – 2006

  1. Thaha Chaina
  2. Kasailai Pani Ma
  3. Jiuna Lai Garo Bho
  4. Lekhiyeka Sabda
  5. Shanti Ko Sandesh
  6. Samjhine Mutu
  7. Dukha Diyera
  8. Yo Dil Mero
  9. Nachaheko Hoina Timilai
  10. Timilai
  11. Muskan lea

Album “Mero Prayas” – 2007

  1. Oh Suna Maya
  2. Prayas
  3. Kasari Samjhau

Album “Alag” – 2013

  1. Jhuto Maya
  2. Feri Chaunecha
  3. Shanti
  4. Kulat
  5. Sunidinchau
  6. Timro Jeet Mero Haar
  7. Ooohh Nepal
  8. Bhulauna Khojchu
  9. Traash

Album “Gantabya” – 2017

  1. Timro Yaad
  2. Samjhera
  3. Yo Junivar Timilai
  4. Har Saanjh
  5. Kasto Yo Din
  6. Birshu Bhanchu
  7. Gantabya

Single Song- The Edge Band

  1. Laayo Timiley Maayalu – 2014
  2. Dhokha
  3. Nachodnu
  4. Kalpana Ma – 2020
  5. Kosish
  6. Kasari
  7. Prastab
  8. Aama

Note: In addition to the songs and album we have included, if you know of any other songs and album please suggest to us or comment below.

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