The Edge Band Biography (Jeewan Gurung) | Nepali Band Biography | Neplych

The Edge Band Biography (Jeewan Gurung) | Nepali Band Biography

The Edge Band (Jeewan Gurung) Biography | Nepali Band Biography

The Edge Band Biography

The Edge band is the Nepali Slow Rock band. The Edge Band was formed in the year 1998 in Pokhara including 6 members Jeewan Gurung, Binaya Gurung, Roshan Gurung, Sunil Gubaju, Bikash Singh and Sanjeeb Shrestha and officially entered in the Nepali Music Industry in the year 2000 with their debut album with single song Mero Ashu. The Song Mero Aasu successes to collect cheers from Nepali music lovers within a week of its official release and give more confident and hope to move forward. Slowly band added two beautiful songs Pagal Nabhana and Jeewan Mero, and numerous Jams and rehearsal in their album.

The band became famous and start performing a small concert around the Pokhara city. But the band was didn’t last long, other priorities vying against the commitment to continue making music. Because they have a family and there are so many responsibilities to secure his future and family and at that time there was not enough income opportunity in the music field. So the band members decided to leave the band.

The Edge Band (Jeewan Gurung) Biography | Nepali Band Biography

After that, all members have left the band but front-man Jeewan Gurung continued his singing career. He takes time to improve himself and create his new band members. The incessant passion proved to be a rewarding experience.
Finally, The Edge Band became a strong team and releases their second album Vibes with Bajra recorded in 2006. Songs are Thaha Chaina, Kasailai Pani Ma, Jiunalai Garo Bho, Prastab, Lekhiyeka Sabbdha, Santi ko Sandesh, and Dukha Diyera. This second album was the main turning point to The Edge band. After releasing this album fan following are massively increase and media are starting to connect with the band. Thaha Chaina video shows on major television. Slowly the Edge band popularity spread far and wide.

Since the album release, the band has played some dozen shows in their hometown Pokhara and other different cities in Nepal. They have played numerous sold-out including charities and festivals. Their concerts are popular for flawless performance and a powerful stage presence.
The Edge band added other beautiful numbers like Samjhine Mutu, Yo Dil Mero, Nachaheko Hoina Timilai, Muskan lea, Timi lai, and other many Nepali pop songs in their Album. Due to the nice songs and their popularity band also got a chance to rock among Nepalese of UK, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, and so many other countries.

The Edge Band (Jeewan Gurung) Biography | Nepali Band Biography

The Edge Band has received a couple of awards and nominations. The song “Dukha Diyera” grabbed the title of the best Lyrics Award at the Pokhara Music Award. The Edge was also nominated at the 9th Tuborg Annual Image Awards in the category of Rock Vocal Performance. Despite the fact that it was just limited to assignments, The Edge has left age to show their capacity to convey past anybody’s desire. As of now, the band is taking a shot at the new materials. They are frequently observed playing live around town and in their very own oxygen relax bar in Lakeside, Pokhara.

Current Band Members 

Jeewan Gurung – Vocal/Composer/Songwriter
Bishnu Gurung – Lead Guitarist
Sanjeeb Rasaili – Bass Guitarist
Albin Pariyar – Rhythm Guitar

Ganesh Rai – Drummer

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