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The Atypical Family (히어로는 아닙니다만) Poster, Photos, Images, Wallpapers Full HD [Download]

The Atypical Family (히어로는 아닙니다만) Poster:

The Atypical Family (히어로는 아닙니다만) Photos:

Also Known AsAlthough I Am Not a Hero
Hangul히어로는 아닙니다만
Literal MeaningI’m Not a Hero
Revised RomanizationHieoroneun animnidaman
McCune–ReischauerHiŏronŭn animnidaman
GenreFantasy romance
Created byGleline & Kang Eun-kyung
Developed byPark Joon-seo
Written byJoo Hwa-mi
Directed byJo Hyun-taek
StarringJang Ki-yong
Chun Woo-hee
Go Doo-shim
Claudia Kim
Music byJung Jae-hyung
Country of OriginSouth Korea
Original LanguageKorean
Number of Episodes12
Executive ProducersHwang Bo-sangmi (CP)
Kim Joon-hyun
Jung Seung-soon
Park Bum-soo
ProducersHwang Ji-woo
Kim Do-hyuk
Kim Tae-kyung
Kim Hye-in
CinematographyKim Young-guk
Kang Ye-sum
EditorsHong Hyo-sun
Ham Hyeon-kyung
Production CompaniesStory & Pictures Media
Drama House Studio
ReleaseMay 4 – June 9, 2024

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