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Say My Name Lyrics – Kr$na

Song Information:
Song: Say My Name (English Version)
Written & Performed by: KR$NA
Produced by: Call Me G
Additional Production: Deep Kalsi
Mixed & Mastered by: Deep Kalsi
Video by: Shubh Verma
Release Date: 15 September 2020
Language: Punjabi
Music Label: Kalamkaar

Say My Name Lyrics

All my life been an underdog
But when I write, feels like a thunderstrom
When the beat go bum’pa’pumpumpum
It gon’ feel like I’ve brung a bomb

Set fire to the game they gon’ fear me
Tryna compare but they aint really coming near me
Talking shit on they instagram lives, they be lying
In the lines, through the grape vine. They gon’ hear me

Say my name say my name, yeah
I made desi rap wrestlemania

They were handing out freindship bands
Then I came in click click bang
Now they’re like damn what is this behaviour?
You can pray to your lord and saviour

Brigadier of thsi rap game
Killing whacks names while I tap dance
Right up in the grave yard yeah
Sending me subliminals, but I’m the pinnacle
Leave’em critical in physical pain, kr$na is mythical
Clinical aim, shit I’ll just bang the same syllabus
With blood on my name I’ll remain a blamed criminal

Ain’t typical, I be busting like an ak
Been dropping rappers since I was up in the 8th grade
In a room with a cheap mic and some egg crate,
A vet keeping rappers in check like it’s a pay day ah

Hear everything they be saying about me
Just don’t bring me up if it ain’t about me
You know how this reality go if you been on a reality show
Then you ain’t gon’ stop me

I been doing the killing I’ve been in it
I been weaving a web like infinite
I’ll kill 10 rappers, in about 10 minuts
I ain’t fence sitting, I’m just doing what I indeed, so

Say my name say my name, yo
Say my name say my name, yo
Say my name say my name, yo
I know they scared of me,
Can’t really say my name though

Sneak dissing me, they looking like a lame joke
They be talking that shit, fu*k your fame bro
I make it rain metaphors, get your raincoat
People out here changing colours like a rainbow

Out in g town, with the speaker on blaring
Aint about the money, I really don’t care then
Pussy looking like me, I tell ’em stop staring
Winnie the poo rappers, I really can’t bear them

Assassin with the rhymes, I’m blasting when its time though
Indian top 5, then you know I’m in the convo
Eyes full of fear when I’m here, you know kr$na is real
I’ll bering ’em war like palestine though

Ain’t hit my prime bro, fact right there
And I be up on my grind like I signed yet
Straight outta elm street, never show the left cheek
Weak rappers in the game be thinking I’m a nightmair

Fight fair, but I don’t act that cool
Look at my captions my hashtag too
I be in the booth in a hazmat suit
Make’em drop like corona made the nasdaq do

Sentimental rappers, be getting they pen n pad n
Trying to come up badder response, I make em madder’
Every time I’m ahead of these rappers, they getting dead up
Getting hotter than nevada, I’m just trying to get my bread up

Straight outta the north side
But I’ma reside right beside south delhi
Thats mt barrio
Where its homicide on the road side
No co-sign, I just lord mine amigo then its adios

I’m a straight heavyweight on the mic son
Giving them a eareful like I’m tyson
They be doing sucker shit like a dyson
If you want trouble, say my name and invite some

Say my name say my name, yo
Say my name say my name, yo
Say my name say my name, yo
I know they scared of me,
Can’t really say my name though

Say my name say my name, yo
Say my name say my name, yo
Say my name say my name, yo
I know they scared of me,
Can’t really say my name though

Kr$na mallom hai na

Music Video Of Say My Name:

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