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Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit

Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit  Movie Poster

About Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit Movie:

Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit is a vivamax original film directed by Roman Perez Jr.. It stars Aria Bench, Aila Cruz, Yen Durano, Denise Esteban, Aiko Garcia, and Victor Relosa.

It premiered on 19 January 2024, via Vivamax.

Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino, Tagalog
Release DateJanuary 19, 2024
Running Time1hr 30min
CastDenise Esteban
Aiko Garcia
Victor Relosa
Directed by Roman Perez Jr.
Written byRonald Espinosa Batallones
Produced byJackie Lyn Barcebal (associate producer)
Mary Ann Perez (line producer)
Cinematography by Rommel Sales
Edited by Aaron Alegre
Music byDecky Margaja
Production CompaniesPelikula Indiopendent
Viva Films
Distributor Vivamax

Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit Movie Cast & Characters:


A guest turns into nightmare. Story revolves around protagonist and his wife. An Unwanted guest and her desire ruins their personal life. See who wins between lust and love.

Where to Watch Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit Movie:

Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit is available on Vivamax.


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