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Neetesh Jung Kunwar Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Songs, Education, Family

Neetesh Jung Kunwar Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Songs, Education, Family

Who is Neetesh Jung Kunwar? (Neetesh Jung Kunwar Biography)

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is a young most popular Nepalese Musician who mainly features his music on YouTube.  He has own official youtube channel with his own name “Neetesh Jung Kunwar”. His song “Gedai Jasto Jindagi” grabs huge popularity in the Nepali music industry. After that, he released one by one hit song Ashma, Hamro Nepal Ma, Flirty Maya so on. Now he is the most popular singer, songwriter, and composer with Zero hatters.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar Biography Quick Information

Neetesh Jung Kunwar
Date of Birth
26 May 1994
Birth Place
Lalitpur, Nepal
Current Residence
Lalitpur, Nepal
Family Name
Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Vlogger
Slow Rock, POP
First Hit Song
Gedai Jasto Jindagi
Hit Songs
Gedai Jasto Jindagi, Flirty Maya, Hamro Nepal Ma, Ashma (A Confession)
First Official Music Video
Flirty Maya
First International Tour
Sydney, Australia
Traveling, Writing,
John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Bipul Chettri
Greatest Inspiration
Favorite Flavor

Neetesh Jung Kunwar Childhood and Education:

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is a young most popular Nepalese Musician who mainly features his music on YouTube. He has own official youtube channel with his own name “Neetesh Jung Kunwar”. His song “Gedai Jasto Jindagi” grabs huge popularity in the Nepali music industry. neetesh jung kunwar biography, neetesh jung kunwar girlfriend, neetesh jung kunwar new songs, fact about neetesh jung kunwar, who is neetesh jung kunwar, neetesh jung kunwar songs, neetesh jung kunwar birth date, neetesh jung kunwar hd photos, neetesh jung kunwar live concert, neetesh jung kunwar flirty maya, neetesh jung kunwar album, neetesh jung kunwar free mp3 download neetesh jung kunwar birthday neetesh jung kunwar age jung kunwar birthday date neetesh jung kunwar usa tour neetesh jung kunwar spotify neetesh jung kunwar songs neetesh jung kunwar instagram neetesh jung kunwar photo neetesh jung kunwar gedai jasto jindagi neetesh jung kunwar nisthuri mori lyrics neetesh jung kunwar lyrics neetesh jung kunwar hd photos neetesh jung kunwar concert dallas neetesh jung kunwar hamro nepal ma neetesh jung kunwar pidit lyrics neetesh jung kunwar all songs

Neetesh Jung Kunwar was born and raised in Lalitpur, Nepal. He grows with lots of love and caring because he has no brother and sister he is the only one child of his parents. 

Neetesh Jung Kunwar was quite an aggressive person from his childhood. He finishes his schooling from Lalitpur and a bachelor from Apex College Mid-Baneshor, Kathmandu. He belongs to a wealthy and prosperous family and his parents are always supportive of what he has done and his field of interest in his life.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar Career in Music:

 Neetesh Jung Kunwar has belonged from a musical family background because his father was affiliated with a band Prism. So, he raised in a musical environment. 


When he was a kid, he used to go to his father and father’s friends jam room and he really enjoys & fun to be there to see all of those things. And he inspired by those moments. He holds guitar when he was 6 years old and he used to write a song and when he was 8-9 years old. His first written song was “Nakhanu Hai Khaini” which is not published. 
In his school age, he participates in a different singing competition. Neetesh and his team got selected in ICMC singing competition organized by KCM and he wrote a song for this competition. 
He was interested in music but he was not sure to choose a music career. Because he was scared about his future and family. As a singer at that time there no bright future in the music field. And he decided to do a job and he works for Auto Company as a corporate officer.

He works almost 2 years on that particular job and he realized this job is not for him. He was not dedicated to that job as much as music. Then he starts to become careless and he left the job.
Then he continues his music and starts to write a song to sing a song. He covers so many other songs like Sindhuli Gadhi, Swargaki Pari, Cold Water, Nischal, Budes Kaal Ko Laathi, etc with the “Channel Arbratrary” team and does so many shows.
A letter he opens his own youtube channel and other social network and starts to upload his original track. “Guffai Ta Ho” is his first homemade official track uploaded on youtube on 17 April 2016. Then he uploaded so many other hit list songs Gedai Jasto Jindagi, Ashma, Hamro Nepal Ma, Pidit, Flirty Maya, Prathana, Nisthuri Mori, Saath Sadhaiko, and First Date and so on.

He gives so many best and popular songs for the Nepali music industry. His songs always had been in YouTube trending. Now he is the multitalented young singer in the Nepali music industry who providing such a different taste in the Nepali music.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar Songs and Albums:

Neetesh Jung Kunwar recently released the first new album “Alter” on youtube and Spotify. He released three songs on youtube from the “Alter” album(Meri Aama, Maya Sasto, Hearty Maya). He published almost 50 above song on youtube and almost 30 plus original songs. 

Awarded and Nomination:



 National Youth Lead Awards – 2019 (Popular Young Artist of the Year)

Neetesh Jung Kunwar Girlfriend and Affair:

He says he is single because he still focus on his music career so he doesn’t give as much as time for a relationship. 

His Future Plan:

When he was inter in the music field that was just on a passion. He never thought music is his career. Later, he realized “music is everything for me, this is not only a passion, profession as well” then he decided to fully dedicate with music. 
So the music is the path of an entire life for him. Now he is creating new songs and albums with a new taste for the Nepali music lover and supporters. His dream was to contribute different taste of music in the Nepali Music Industry. 

Fact About Neetesh Jung Kunwar:

  • Greatest Inspiration father.
  • His first written lyrics “Nakhanu Hai Khaini” which is no published. 
  • he is a pet animal lover. 
  • He is scared by hight. 

Neetesh Jung Kunwar Social Network

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is always active on the social network. 

This is the very talented singer, songwriter, and composer Neetesh Jung Kunwar Biography. I hope you like it if you learn something new share this post and comment below. Enjoy!

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