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Namaskar Lyrics – Prakash Saput


Namaskar Lyrics - Prakash Saput

Audio Credits:
Song: Namaskar नमस्कार
Vocal / Lyrics / Music:- Prakash Saput
Music Arranger:- Yogesh Kaji
Mix / Master:- HBN Kismat
Recording:- Gobinda Parajuli
Studio:- 1DB HD
Ukelele Programming:- Yogesh Kaji
Madal:- Khadak Budha
Sarangi:- Kamal Kumar BK
Bansuri:- Ratna BK

Video Credits:-
Director:- Devendra Bablu
Artists:- Prakash Saput, Biraj Thapa, Kiran Magar
Guest Appearance:- Kabita Nepali
Cinematographer:- Anil K. Manandhar
Edit:- Prabin Bhatta
Color Grading / Graphics:- Dinson Shah
Publicity Design:- Pawan Simkhada
Photography:- Sunil BK
Technical Adviser:- Rajendra Aryal
MUA:- Dipson Pariyar
Production Manager:- Milan / Nirmal / Bishal
Post Production:- BP Films
Music Label: Prakash Saput

Namaskar Lyrics

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Music Video of Namaskar:

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