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My Sweet Mobster (놀아주는 여자) Poster, Photos, Images, Wallpapers Full HD [Download]

My Sweet Mobster (놀아주는 여자) Poster:

My Sweet Mobster (놀아주는 여자) Photos:

Hangul놀아주는 여자
Hanja 놀아주는 女子
Literal meaningThe Woman Who Plays
Revised RomanizationNo-rajuneun yeoja
McCune–Reischauer Norajunŭn yŏja
Also Known AsThe Playing Woman
The Playful Lady
Nolajuneun Yeoja
Country South Korea
Language Korean
GenreRomance, Comedy
Release dateJune 12, 2024 – August 1, 2024
Aired onWednesday, Thursday
Running time70 min
StarringUhm Tae-goo
Han Sun-hwa
Kwon Yul
Directed by Kim Young-hwan
Kim Woo-hyun
Written byNa-kyung
Music byMoon Seung-nam
Production CompaniesBase Story
IOK Company
Distributor JTBC

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