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Mrityu Ko Chhyan Lyrics – Dibya Subba

Song Information:
Song: Mrityu Ko Chhyan
Vocal: Dibya Subba
Album: Pariwartan
Language: Nepali
Music Label: Dibya Subba

Mrityu Ko Chhyan Lyrics

Kasto hune hola
Mero mrityu ko
Tyo chhyanma
Kohi hasne hola
Kohi rune hola
(Mero mrityu ko
Tyo chhyanma) x3

Seto katrole dhakera
Mero laash
Dui basai ma rakhera
Kadha ma chadai
Lane cha uhi
Masan ghatma
(Mero mrityu ko
Tyo chyanma) x5

Jun dhartima ma aja
Janme ko thiye
Tyahi dhartima malai
Milaune cha
Athawaa mero laash
(Duwa banera aakash ma
Udne cha) x2

Kasto hune hola
Mero mrityu ko
Tyo chhyanma

Music Video of Mrityu Ko Chhyan:

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