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Love Reserved [Cam Tavanlar] Season 1, All Episodes English Subtitles

Cam Tavanlar (TV Series 2021) Season, Episodes, Cast, Storyline
Love Reserved [Cam Tavanlar] TV Series

Love Reserved (Cam Tavanlar) TV Series 2021

Cam Tavanlar (English: Glass Ceilings; AKA Love Reserved) is a romantic, comedy, tragic Turkish drama television series released on 9 June 2021. Bensu Soral as Leyla and Kubilay Aka as Cemare in the lead roles in the series. Cam Tavanlar has 1 season and there are 8 episodes.

A story full of competition, revenge, love, and determination, telling about women’s inequality of opportunity in social life.

Love Reserved TV series is directed by Fehmi Öztürk, while the series screenplay is written by Meriç Acem and cinematographed done by Ilkay Işık.

The produced by Ömer Özgüner. The executive producer of the series is Armağan Pertez and the production manager is Taner Çetin, and the production coordinator is Ümit Arslan.

The assistant director of the series is Asya Dikçi Öztürk, the art director is Aysun Özdemir and the editor is Bilal Ceran. The light director of the series is Adem Akyüz, sound operator Emin Yıldırımer, set supervisor Murat Polat, casting directors Fatoş Koçak and Seçkin Kulabaş.

The drama coordinators of the series are Ayla Akyol, Ayda Karabacak and Elif Ayan. Styling is done by Anıl Can, and the costumer is Ebru Öztürk. The music of the series is composed by Özgür Buldum, Dorukhan Yaldız and Can Turgay.

Original Series NameCam Tavanlar
Also known asLove Reserved
English NameGlass Ceilings
FormatTV series
ScriptwriterMeriç Novice
DirectorFehmi Ozturk
Lead RoleBensu Soral & Kubilay Aka
ComposerEuphrates Rises
Number of Seasons1 (One)
Number of Episodes6 (Six)
ProducerKerem Catay & Omer Ozguner
Showtime150 minutes
Production CompanyOJO Pictures
Release Date9 June 2021 – today

Love Reserved [Cam Tavanlar] Storyline

We live in a world where women climb the stairs one by one and men take the elevator straight up. In Love Reserved [Cam Tavanlar], the sweet, determined, hardworking, strong, young woman Leyla, who rises in business life with her own efforts, and Cem, who comes from a prestigious family and easily gets everything he wants, and many doors open easily because he is rich; It is told with themes such as revenge, love, and rivalry.

As the flames rise, struggle, rivalry, strife, and love will flare up; The duo will find themselves in a great war. Let’s see if there will be a winner in this war.

Love Reserved [Cam Tavanlar] Cast:

  • Bensu Soral as Leyla
  • Kubilay Aka as Cem
  • Utku Ates as Iskender
  • Beril Kayar as Aylin
  • Ahmet Melih Yilmaz as Sinasi
  • Sifanur Gül as Suna
  • Aziz Caner Inan as Emre
  • Mehmet Bilge Aslan as Haldun
  • Ayten Soykök as Inci
  • Ismail Karagöz
  • Gizem Erdem
  • Sehnaz Bölen Taftali as Gulten
  • Hatice Aslan as Süreyya
  • Cevdet Aricilar
  • Alper Kut
  • Ayhan Isik as Ziya
  • Ferhat Saskin as Ferhat Saskin
  • Burak Sarikahya as Nihat

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