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Jungi Nishan Album – 1974 AD

Jungi Nishan Album - 1974 AD | Tracklist, Lyrics, Chords

Jungi Nishan” is the 4th studio album of one of Nepal’s leading band 1974 AD, which is released in 2002. 1974 AD is a Nepali rock band, formed in Kathmandu, Nepal in the early 1990s. They experiment with various genres of music including traditional Nepali folk music and western rock music, blues, and jazz using a combination of native and western instruments.

All the songs are available on their official youtube channel “1974 AD.” So here is the collection of Jungi Nishan album Songs.

Jungi Nishan Album Songs:

  1. Jangi Nishan – Lyrics | Chords
  2. Orapara Gaun – Lyrics | Chords
  3. Pathai Deu – Lyrics | Chords
  4. Mutu Bhari Bhari – Lyrics | Chords
  5. Mayalu Mayalu – Lyrics | Chords
  6. Nepali Ho – Lyrics | Chords
  7. Kaile Kaile Timro – Lyrics | Chords
  8. Bhuli Deu – Lyrics | Chords
  9. Yo Raat Ko Sunyata – Lyrics | Chords
  10. Raato Rachandra – Lyrics | Chords
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