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Juego de Amor (Seven Ne Yapmaz) TV Series [Spanish Subtitles] Watch Online

Seven Ne Yapmaz TV Series Watch Online, Cast, Story, Season, Episodes, Release Date
Seven Ne Yapmaz TV Series

Juego de Amor (Seven Ne Yapmaz) TV Series Spanish Subtitles (subtítulos en español):

Juego de Amor (Turkish: Seven Ne Yapmaz or Nazli) is a Turkish romantic comedy-drama television series, starring Yusuf Çim and Seren Şirince in the leading role. The first episode of which was broadcast on September 6, 2017, and it ended with the 11th episode aired on November 15, 2017, by making a final.

Turkish TV series Seven Ne Yapmaz is directed by Bora Onur ​and written by Funda Alp, Soysal Demir, Banu Uzpeder, Selcan Özgür, while the series is produced by Faruk Bayhan under the banner of MF Yapım.

Get more information about the Seven Ne Yapmaz TV series (Dizi) cast, story, season, episodes, release date, English, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Philippines, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic Subtitles & dubbed version.

Quick Information:

TV SeriesSeven Ne Yapmaz
Also Known AsNazli
SpanishJuego de Amor
GenreRomance, Comedy, Drama
Release Date6 September 2017 – 15 November 2017
Production LocationIstanbul, Turkey
No. of Episodes11
No. of Season1
Written byFunda Alp, Soysal Demir, Banu Uzpeder, Selcan Özgür
Directed byBora Onur
StarringYusuf Çim, Seren Şirince
ProducerFaruk Bayhan
Running time120 minutes
Original NetworkATV
Production CompanyMF Yapım

Juego de Amor (Seven Ne Yapmaz) Story:

Frivolous, flirtatious, handsome Ozan Ekinsoy is the heir of the largest holding in Turkey Ekinsoy Holding. But because of a big mistake he made, his father Orhan sent a kiss to punish him. The poet meets Nazli in the country with a pure heart and beauty that he has not witnessed until that day. Nazli, the pupil of the village where she lived without her mother and father, is a brave and beautiful young woman who can stand on her own feet.

Ozan is very influenced by this authenticity of Nazli and begins to feel emotions that he never anticipated against Nazli; He fell in love with Nazli. Nazli also tells him. The exciting beginnings of an increasingly entertaining chase. They have a very nice time together, but Ozan is obviously not married to Nazli.

But since childhood, Fatma is the number one rumor of Fatma and the region that has raised Nazli. It is a misunderstanding that catches two lovers, Nazli and Ozan must marry without ever wasting time. The poet finds himself suddenly in a life he never dreamed of. And suddenly he gets a big panic.

Juego de Amor (Seven Ne Yapmaz) TV Series Cast and Character:

  • Yusuf Çim as Ozan
  • Seren Şirince as Nazlı
  • Ecem Çalık as Arzu
  • Leyla Kader İlhan as Aliye
  • Şeyla Halis as Fatma
  • Sertan Erkaçan as Recep
  • Serhat Parıl as Mehmet
  • Ferzan Hekimoğlu as Sema
  • Aslıhan Malbora as Zeynep
  • Alper Baytekin as İsmet
  • Emre Bulut as Hikmet
  • Deniz Gündoğdu as Nurcan
  • Ulaş Albayrak as Serkan
  • Muhammet Uzuner as Orhan
  • Sultan Köroğlu Kılıç as Hatice
  • Serdar Çakmak as Şenol
  • Deniz Oral as Hüseyin
  • Ahmet Olgun Sünear as Serdar
  • Merve Altınkaya as Ebru

Juego de Amor (Seven Ne Yapmaz) TV Series Release Date:

Turkish TV series Juego de Amor (Seven Ne Yapmaz) is broadcast from September 6, 2017, to November 15, 2017, by making a final.

Juego de Amor (Seven Ne Yapmaz) All Episodes with Spanish Subtitles:

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