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Grahan Album – Arthur Gunn (Dibesh Pokharel)

Grahan Album Arthur Gunn (Dibesh Pokharel)

Grahan is the first studio album released by Arthur Gunn. Arthur Gunn is an aspiring Nepali singer, songwriter, and musician.

Grahan was released in 2018 and all songs are available on his official youtube channel and different music online store. The album has 8 songs.

All the”Grahan” album songs are written, arranged, and mix & mastered by Arthur Gunn. Apart from this Pralaya ‘A’ song has arranged by Nikesh Shakhya & Arthur Gunn and mix & mastered by Nikesh Shakhya.

Grahan Album Arthur Gunn:

  1. Pralaya ‘A’
  2. Hamro Din
  3. Samundra Paari
  4. Nyano Ghar
  5. Pralaya ‘B’
  6. Aakash Ko Pari
  7. Maan
  8. Ek Yatra

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