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From Now On, Showtime! TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer

From Now On, Showtime! TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer
From Now On, Showtime! TV Series Poster

From Now On, Showtime! TV Series Storyline (Plot):

From Now On, Showtime! (Korean: 지금부터, 쇼타임!; RR: Jigeumbuteo, Syotaim!) is a South Korean television series starring Park Hae-jin, Jin Ki-joo, and Jung Joon-ho. The series, directed by Lee Hyeong-min and Jeong Sang-hee for Samhwa Networks, is about a mysterious magician Cha Cha-woong and a hot-blooded policeman working with ghosts to solve cases based on hidden clues.

From Now On, Showtime! is a romantic comedy between Cha Cha-woong (Park Hae-jin), a magician and employer of ghosts, and a passionate but hot-blooded female police officer Go Seul-hae (Jin Ki-joo) with supernatural powers.

Quick Information:

TV SeriesFrom Now On, Showtime!
Also known asShowtime Begins!
It’s Showtime!
Hangul지금부터, 쇼타임!
Revised RomanizationJigeumbuteo, Syotaim!
CountrySouth Korea
No. of episodes16
Running time60 minute
Original releaseApril 23, 2022
Created byHong Seok-woo (MBC)
Viu (production investment)
Directed byLee Hyeong-min
Jeong Sang-hee
Written byHa Yoon-ah
StarringPark Hae-jin
Jin Ki-joo
Jung Joon-ho
Production companySamhwa Networks
Original networkMBC TV

From Now On, Showtime! TV Series Trailer:

From Now On, Showtime! TV Series Cast and Character:

  • Park Hae-jin as Cha Cha-woong, a ghost employer and famous magician.
    • Seo Dong-hyun as young Cha Cha-woong
  • Jin Ki-joo as Go Seul-hae, a hot blooded cop with supernatural powers.
  • Jung Joon-ho as General Choi Gum, he protected the Cha Cha-woong family from generation to generation
  • Jung Suk-yong as Deputy Nam Sang-geon, Father Teresa of ‘Magic Factory’.
  • Ko Kyu-pil as Ma Dong-cheol, In charge of power, chief magician. A former gangster with a phoenix-patterned shirt and a gold necklace.
  • Park Seo-yeon as Kang Ah-reum, In charge of mechanical and electronic equipment, beautiful employee.
  • Kim Won-hae as Park Soo-moodang, He has been serving the general god Choi Gum throughout his life.
  • Cha Mi-kyung as Na Geum-ok, Cha Sa-geum’s longtime colleague, she has the ‘Immortal Grandma’ as her body.
  • Jang Ha-eun as Cheon Ye-ji, granddaughter of Na Geum-ok.
  • Kim Jong-Tae as Ko Young-Sik
  • Kim Jong-hoon as Seo Hee-soo, Go Seul-hae’s longtime unrequited love and the police detective team leader

From Now On, Showtime! Season 1 All Episodes:

SeasonEpisodesRelease-End Date
116April 23, 2022 – present

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