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Chine Timi Ma Lyrics – Dibya Subba

Song Information:
Song: Chine Timi Ma
Vocal: Dibya Subba
Album: Parivartan
Language: Nepali
Music Label: THT Live

Chine Timi Ma Lyrics

Saath dinchu timi bhanthayau
Pahile pahile ta
Farak ta dekhi rahechu hijo ahile ta
Maulayecha ghrina timro
Oilayecha prem
Ke bhulna sakchu ra tyo timro den
(Chine timi ma) x7

Jhuto thiyo boli timro
Jhuto thiyo mann
Jhuto thiyo maya tyo
Jhuto yauwan
Bhatkiyeko mutu liyi
Kaha bachu ma
Roi rahecha aakha yaha
Balla chine ta
(Chine timi ma) x3 chine timi ma

Bachne chu yaha ma
Chahidaina saath timro
Sodhdina kehi ma
Khojdina anuhar tyo
(Chine timi ma) x3

Music Video of Chine Timi Ma:

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