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10 Bollywood Songs Copied From Nepal

10 Bollywood Songs Copied From Nepal

Music is something that takes everyone into a different world, whose words or tunes change everyone’s thinking. Everyone has their own music genres. Some people like rock music, some people love pop, some people crazy about metal and some are classical and so on. But the thing is there are so many Bollywood songs that are copied from others. Today we’re going to show you Bollywood songs that were copied or inspired by Nepali songs.

The blame game for copying music is not something new and has been going on for a long time. Some music directors have copied each and everything while some have cleverly used chunks from the foreign songs. Let’s look at some popular 10 Bollywood songs copied from Nepal.

PS: A fun game – play the songs and ask your friends to guess the Bollywood song copied from the original ones below, at the end give them marks out of 10.

1. Deewana Mujhsa Nahin (1966) from Eh Kancha Malai Sunko Tara by Aruna Lama (1960s):

2. Sun Sun Ho Gori (1989) from Chyangba Hoi Chyangba by Gyanu Rana & Gopal Yonjan (1960s):

3. Sang Mere Nikle The Sajan (1980) from Aage Aage Topai ko Gola (1977)by Danny Denzongpa & Asha Bhosle:

4. Musu Musu Hasi (1999) from Musi Musu Hasi by The Himilayas Band (1970s):

5. Chalo Chalen Sathiya (1992) from Naya Naya Sajau Hai Sansara by Udit Narayan Jha (1987):

6. Bholi Si Surat (1997) from Jaun Nai Hai Lai Udit Narayan Jha & Deepa Jha (Deuki Nepali Movie – 1994):

7. Dil Ye Na Jane (1992) from Yo Samjhine Man Chha by Narayan Gopal (1988):

8. Mausi O Mausi (1992) from Aamaile Bhanthe by Udit Narayan Jha (1987):

9. Sachi Bolo Sachi Bolo from Wallo Kholo Pallo Kholo by Laxmi Joshi & Shiba Basnet (1960’s):

10. Tu Mujse (2007) from Mero Maan by Sugam Pokharel (2004):

So there is the list of 10 Bollywood Songs Copied From Nepal. There’s nothing wrong in bringing the best music from all over the world and making it your own. But, yeah please come out clean and tell people about the original one.


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