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Bimbaakash Album – Bartika Eam Rai

Bimbaakash Album - Bartika Eam Rai



Bartika Eam Rai
Released March 12, 2016
6 songs, 26 min 19 sec

Indie-pop/alternative tunes, coupled with folksy vocals and authentically Nepali lyrics, Bartika Eam Rai’s debut album, ‘Bimbaakash’ established her in the music scene as a reminder of the beauty and potential in the Nepali sound and language. The 6-track album’s immense popularity since its release in 2016 can be attributed to its abstract themes of love and existence that echo the generation’s angst and confusion.

The opening track ‘Khai’ puts into words and melody the frustration of being caught up in a routine of duties and obligations while your life wastes away. In perhaps her most successful song ‘Najeek’, Bartika has weaved her soulful vocals with a coming-of-age theme, of the conflict between personal struggles and growth, and the heavy-hearted sides of love.

As a USA-based artist, Bartika’s songwriting shines through in her nostalgia-dripped words about Nepal. ‘Khusi (Timrai Lagi)’ and ‘Timi ra Ma’ with eerie drums and a cold ambience, revel in the reminiscence of home and childhood and the past, whereas the upbeat, jazzy tone of ‘Hawaaijahaj’ is a soulful, genuine reassurance of love. ‘Bimbaakash’ sings to a generation chasing after their dreams in a fast-paced urban world, bound by obligations, and craving for a few moments of love and assurance under a sky that portrays the enormity of everything. – Noodle


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