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Bari Lai Lyrics – Pahenlo Batti Muni (Rochak Dahal) | Pahenlo Batti Muni Songs Lyrics, Chords, Mp3, Tabs


Bari Lai Lyrics - Rochak Dahal Rochak Dahal Songs Lyrics, Chords, Mp3, Tabs

Bari Lai Lyrics

Song: Bari Lai
Vocal: Rochak Dahal 

Chichyaera bolam bhane sorai sukisakyo
Mann nai bata bolam bhane mann nai marisakyo
Bari Lai, bari Lai, bari lai
Ghaawai dekhai bhanam bhane ghaawai bharisakyo
Aankhai dekhai bhanam bhane aasu jharisakyo
Bari Lai, bari Lai, bari lai

Tadhai bata haasam bhane aakhai polisakyo
Haatai samai nacham bhane geetai galisakyo
Bari Lai, bari Lai, bari lai
Lukera ma heridinthe hola
Sansarai ti aankhai bata
Maan nai mero aljhechha.. aaha
Maya ajhai ni baljhena k garu
Bari Lai, bari Lai, bari lai

बरी लै

चिच्याएर बोलाम भने स्वरै सुकी सक्यो
मनैबाट बोलाम भने मनै मरी सक्यो
बरी लै, बरी लै, बरी लै
घाउवै देखाई भनौ भने घाउवै भरी सक्यो
आँखै देखाई भनौ भने आँशु झरी सक्यो
बरी लै, बरी लै, बरी लै

टाढैबाट हाँसै भने आँखै पोली सक्यो
हातै समाइ नाचै भने गीतै गली सक्यो
बरी लै, बरी लै, बरी लै
लुकुर म हेरी दिन्थे होला
संसारै ति आँखाबाट
मनै मेरो अल्झे छ, आहा
माया अझै नि बल्झेन, के गरु?
बरी लै, बरी लै, बरी लै
<<<The End>>>

Background Information:

Bari Lai is one of the most popular songs performed by Rochak Dahal. The song “Bari lai” is directed by Shailendra Paudyal, produced by Rohit Shakya. The song is published on 1 may 2016 via youtube channel “Pahenlo Batti Muni” which is almost reached 1 million views on youtube. So here is the Bholi Lyrics by Rochak Dahal. Stay tuned and stay humble.


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