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Arthur Gunn – Songs, Albums, Music Videos, Lyrics, Chords, Live Events

Arthur Gunn Songs and Album Collection

Arthur Gunn is an aspiring Nepali singer, songwriter, and musician. His real name is Dibesh Pokharel and Arthur Gunn is his stage-name. He is one of the Emerging young talented singers and an upcoming Artist.

He has sung dozen of original songs and cover songs, all songs available on his own official youtube channel and social networks.

Now he has more than 500 thousand Youtube subscribers, thousands of fans and followers on social networks, and millions of fans and well-wishers all over the world. Here we have to create a list of Arthur Gunn Songs and Album Collection.

Arthur Gunn Songs and Album Collection:

Arthur Gunn Album Collection:

Arthur Gunn Songs Collection:

  1. Pralaya ‘A’
  2. Pralaya ‘B’
  3. Nyano Ghar
  4. Khoj
  5. Hamro Din
  6. Samundra Paari
  7. Maan
  8. Aakash Ko Pari
  9. Ek Yatra
  10. Ma
  11. Karnali (The River)

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