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Action Pack TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer


Action Pack TV Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer
Action Pack TV Series Poster

Action Pack TV Series Storyline (Plot):

Action Pack is a preschool computer-animated children’s streaming television series developed by Shea Fontana for Netflix and created by William Harper. It is produced by Greg Chalekian and Olea Tvengsberg.

The series follows the Action Pack, a quartet of superheroes-in-training taught by their teacher Mr. Ernesto and his robotic dog Plunky.

Quick Information:

TV SeriesAction Pack
CountryUnited States
United Kingdom
No. of seasons2
No. of episodesNo. of episodes 16 (29 segments)
Running time27-29 minutes
Original releaseJanuary 4, 2022 – present
Created byWilliam Harper
Developed byShea Fontana
Produced byGreg Chalekian
Olea Tvengsberg
Voices ofSydney Thomas
Oscar Reyez
Julieta Cortes
Nevin Kar
Giancarlo Sabogal
Edited byZachary Aufdemberg
Theme Music byMike Barnett
ComposerMike Barnett
Production companyOddBot Inc.
Animation servicesICON Creative Studio
Original networkNetflix

Action Pack TV Series Trailer:

Action Pack TV Series Cast and Character:

  • Sydney Thomas as Treena, a girl who uses powers to control plant life. Her color is green, and her badge has a flower shape. She serves as the Action Pack’s default leader, and uses a shield named the “Petal Power Shield” and the “Awesomer Blossomer” baton gadget, which lets her sprout vines for swinging or grabbing.
  • Oscar Reyez as Watts, a boy who uses powers to control electricity. His color is blue, and his badge has a pair of lightning bolts. Watts is the most impatient of the team and can morph his legs into lightning bolts for super-speed in addition to using electricity in projectile forms by throwing either solid lightning bolts or electrical spheres.
  • Julieta Cortes as Wren, a girl who uses powers allowing her to use animal abilities. Her color is yellow, and her badge has a cat’s paw print. Wren is the most empathetic team member, and she often uses the powers of a butterfly’s wings, a polar bear’s arms, a fox’s nose, alligator strength, small like a mouse, and the legs and tail of a cheetah.
  • Nevin Kar as Clay, a boy who uses powers to control plasma and forcefields. His color is red, and his badge has a sun shape. Clay is the most reserved member of the team, and his body is composed of a form of plasma that allows him to shapeshift and stretch or deform his body.
  • Giancarlo Sabogal as Mr. Ernesto, the adult mentor of the Action Pack. He is accompanied by a robotic dog named Plunky, who acts as his teaching assistant.
  • Hartley Wexler as Dinah Rex, a young girl obsessed with dinosaurs. This obsession has led her to perform several acts of villainy throughout town, mainly carried out by her robotic dinosaur minions. She is eventually revealed to be half-dinosaur and later joins as the Action Pack’s friend.
  • Kimberly Brooks as Jackie
  • Lotus Blossom as Abby, Gabby, and Maddy, three identical triplets who live in Hope Springs. Gabby has a yellow streak in her hair and Abby has red, both usually being happy. Maddy, however, has a purple streak in her hair, and unlike her sisters is usually seen with somewhat emo behavior.

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